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From Research to Capacity, Policy and Action: Enabling Adaptation to Climate Change for Poor Populations in Asia through Research, Capacity Building and Innovation

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Adaptation to climate change will involve changes that cut across human socio-economic systems in ways that affect virtually all aspects of life. Consequently, any attempt to assess priorities, capabilities and research gaps on climate change and poverty reduction risks either becomes fragmentary or massive and without focus. This is particularly true in the diverse cultural, geographic and economic context of Asia where both the direct impacts of climate change and the adaptive responses that emerge will be heavily mediated by local conditions. As a result, this study, although it involved extensive consultation and literature reviews, has relied heavily on conceptual and methodological frameworks to help focus its scope and the final conclusions. Key research issues, areas of high vulnerability and stakeholders to work with have been identified on the basis of the conceptual framework, literature reviews and consultations. It is also important to emphasise that the issues identified have emerged through a process of intense debate. Globally there is little consensus regarding the issues that will be of most importance in adapting to climate change and the spectrum of perspectives often increases at local levels and across disciplines. Even within the Adaptation Study Team substantial differences in approach and emphasis were evident. Given the fact that adaptation to climate change was only recently recognized as a critical issue, this diversity is healthy and represents a strong argument for broad scope of many of the research issues identified. Keywords: Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation; Social Vulnerability


(Tiếng Việt, Español, Français)

Authors: Marcus Moench; Elisabeth Caspari; Seema Bhatt; Dilip Singh; Sonam Bennett-Vasseux; Sarah Opitz-Stapleton; Kenneth MacClune; Sara Ahmed; Ajaya Dixit; Anil Pokhrel; Linxiu Zhang; Stephen Tyler; Bernadette Resurreccion; Edsel Sajor; Elizabeth Fajber

Keywords: Resilience and Climate Change Adaptation; Social Vulnerability

Citaiton: Moench, M., Caspari, E., Bhatt, S. Singh, D. Bennett-Vasseux, S., Opitz-Stapleton, S., MacClune, K., Ahmed, S., Dixit, A., Pokhrel, A., Zhang, L., Tyler, S., Resurreccion, B., Sajor, E., Fajber, E. (2008). From research to capacity, policy and action: Enabling adaptation to climate change for poor populations in Asia through research, capacity building and innovation. Kathmandu, Nepal: Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-International, & Institute for Social and Environmental Transition-Nepal.

Funded by: International Development and Research Centre (IDRC)

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