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Atalie Pestalozzi

Research Associate 

Bachelor’s in International Affairs and Geography

Atalie is experienced in research, translation, project management and graphic/information design support to development projects and organizations. Her core interest is in systems-focused solutions for climate resilience and social and environmental justice. She has most recently worked on climate, governance and conservation evaluations, and resilience and disaster risk reduction projects in Southeast Asia, West and East Africa, and Russia. Other thematic interests include land, water and resource rights and management, community-based conservation, capacity building and livelihoods with a regional focus on Sub-Saharan Africa and post-colonial contexts. Previous research included a political ecology analysis of Kenya’s Mau Forest, to understand how land and resource rights were impacted by environmental and development discourses, and political agendas.

Atalie ventured into social and environmental work by coordinating with grassroots organizations to engage environmental awareness and action among Tibetan refugee children and women’s cooperatives in northern India. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and Geography from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she set up a graphic and information design business to make complex development concepts accessible to broader audiences. She is a native English and French speaker and is fluent in Japanese. In face of the climate crisis, she aims to contribute to finding inclusive and cross-cutting solutions towards resilience.

Profile Summary

  • Climate resilience

  • Project management

  • Graphic/information design

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